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Stop Korupsi dan suap di Nepal

Raj Yadav :Corruption is more dangerous than plague because it has devastated whole of our system. Every government whichever in power helps directly or indirectly in corruption. Every party needs money for elections and funds normally come from black... money as well as Government budget. Once the govt is formed those who donated to the party fund they force the govt to make such policies to help them amass huge wealth. Almost in every recruitment at least at district level the post from Engineer to peon are sold. In our country father is working in a particular office and his son gets selected in the same office or respective that to not because of any caliber but because of his father and corruption. Such cases create much anger in pure potential candidates and they get frustrated.

1. To stop corruption President should make a task force (Anti-corruption vigilance) of active people from district level and allow them to report directly to him, and initially take decision within 15 days without any mercy for him and pass a circular who ever will be found under corruption will be suspended immediately from his duty. In every district their should be a complain drop box for collection of complain. By which the task force can work properly against the complain, because many people are aware of corruption but unable to report directly to the concern department. I think this system can also control.

2. Keep clarity and transparency at all levels starting from the formulation of the programmes, projects, schemes, welfare measures, mechanism with the full participation of all the stakeholders. Create awareness for all the stakeholders inrespect of clarity in the roles and mechanism so that everyone can understand the responsibility in doing the things and expecting from others.

3. To reduce Corruption Government should pay higher variable pay is one of the tools of retention but not the sole factor, besides the monetary benefit behavior of boss and work culture and working hours are of paramount importance. Of satisfaction stems from appreciation, compensation and promotion. Create confidence and have faith to move forward as team.

4. Government should apply the scheme for “VARIABLE PAY- which means based on work and performance employees must get  incentive accept their fixed salary” at least for 3 years for trial in few profitable organisation such as Telecom, Nepal Electricity and Nepal Income Tax. It would be motivate to others in government employees they will try to focus their job.

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Raj Yadav

Manish Yadav :
There is Lots of Option To stop the Corruption in Nepal; Corruption cannot be fully erradicated, because it often is human  nature to mostly choose ones one well being above the general well being. It also is human nature to look away, w...hen one sees somebody's mistakes or corrupt acts, if that person is a friend, or the relative/friend and SPECIALLY POLITICIANS LEADER WHO HANDLE OUR COUNTARY or somebody one respects or fears.

However, corruption can be combated in the following ways:

1. Stopping clientelism, and "job for friends/supporters-only" policy in government --> PROFESSIONALISM of the public  administration is key. To work as a public servant in a ministry or other government agency has to be a career choice (why not for several decades?), and should not be interrupted nor interfered by the political cyclus (i.e. changing presidents/parties). Implementing meritocracy in the public service is a way to motivate professional public servants to do a good job in order to advance in their careers! Investing in improving the quality of Public Management/ Public Administration
schools would do no harm, in order to increase the potential of the public servants to be.

2. Restructuring the public service is necessary so that there are more checks and balances. Everybody's work should be controlled by another agency or department that is not conflicting with its interests.

3. Transparency: where does each penny go to? What is done with public funding? How are decisions made? All this information should be collected and reported and should be available for outsiders and controlling agencies.

4. Allowing for "tell on them without fear of losing your own job"-policies. If somebody is afraid that their job might be at  risk after talking about corrupt activities of their superiors, or colleagues, they are not going to tell on them.

5. Enforcing the judicial system so that officials, no matter what their range is, nor their status, get the punishment that  they deserve, if cought doing something wrong.
I am sure I'm not discovering Nepal by expressing my thoughts on how to fight corruption, but hey, I really think this type of approach can help. Hopefully people close to This Facebook Profile read this and act upon it if they haven't been trying to do what I propose so far.See More

Sneha Singh :

I think we have to make a one plan without any politician related. its time all political leaders are going to fil their pocket and they thought its a last chance, And Not Only Politician mosr peoples who related on people service in nepal. hope we have to be stop corruption as on of a big hand support.

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