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For Blackberry Bold, Price and Specs

Specification Blackberry Bold 9000 :
  • There are two kind of blackberry bold, that are the blackberry bold 9700 (onyx) and the blackberry 9000.
  • The spesification of blackberry bold are below :
  • Camera (2.0 MP)
  • Built-in GPS
  • Media Player
  • Video Recording
  • BlackBerry® Maps
  • Wireless Email
  • Organizer
  • Browser Phone
  • Corporate Data Access
  • Wi-Fi® support
  • Garansi 1tahun
Harga blackberry Bold 900 pada awal Juni 2010 sekitar Rp. 4.000.000, harga yang berlaku saat ini silakan cek di daftar harga blackberry atau hubungi kami.

Accept no substitutes. The BlackBerry® Bold™ smartphone embodies elegant design – without sacrificing the features or functionality you expect from a premium smartphone.

For those of you who want to buy a BlackBerry, I have some tips for you.
1. Ask enabled before you buy a BlackBerry phone. See your PIN and IMEI by going to menu, press option, then status. Or it could be from a page on stand by then press Alt + Shift + H. Match with the PIN and IMEI in the box. If appropriate, turn off the phone and then see your PIN and IMEI on the battery. Everything must be equal.

2. If there is an internet connection, go to the address of the BlackBerry service (http://xxx.blackberry.com where xxx can we replace the services that we use Telkomsel, Indosat, or xl).

Click on the register new account. Try to register your IMEI and PIN BlackBerry. Will appear several notifications.

A. Your device has not yet been registered with the network. So cheer up, meaning that the IMEI and PIN can be used to enjoy BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS)

B. The BlackBerry is registered with another provider. Possible IMEI and PIN is already listed on overseas operators. Request new HP warranty exchange, for fear can not be used again.

C. Your account is already registered. HP’s likely that you can is used goods or refurbish (JB), avoid things like this.

D. Your Account is Suspended. Do not ever purchased. Because the PIN and IMEI have been reported as PIN and IMEI is illegal, lost, results Klone, or stolen.

3. To see if your BlackBerry is to buy new stuff or not, this trick can be done with:
Open the BlackBerry menu, select option, then status. On this page, type B U Y R on the keyboard. A number of additional data will appear. If data usage and voice usage is still 0, then we can be sure it is new. If not 0, make sure the data usage is not until exceeded. If still limited to only 2 to 3 kb, then this is still reasonable, the possibility for data unlocker (BlackBerry BM).
Good tips from me could be useful for you.

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