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How to Make a Streaming Radio Station

Cara Membuat Radio Streaming Murah - Jasa Pembuatan Radio Streaming - There are many ways to make a streaming radio station. Some websites such as Pandora.com, Live365.com, and Slacker.com let you create your own streaming stations on their servers. If you want to be completely independent and have the most control of your streaming station, you can set up your own server, whether online or offline. There are low-cost solutions, but in order to create a quality station you will need to put in many hours of careful work.
Difficulty: Moderately Challenging


Things You'll Need:

  • Streaming computer
  • Production computer
  • Audio mixer
  • Microphone
  • Audio sources

    Live and Recorded Streams

  1. 1
    Decide how many computers you need. Having two computers is ideal for a streaming station because you can do audio production on one and streaming on the other without these two functions interfering with each other. The production computer is optional, and is unnecessary if you are not streaming 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But if you want your station to be a 24/7 operation, you will find that having an extra computer for production will yield more-professional results. The production computer doesn't need to be connected to the Internet, and simply needs audio recording production software such as ProTools, Garage Band, Audition or Peak LE.
  2. 2
    Create a content library for the station. Once you have decided on the station format and presentation, make a list of corresponding audio that will showcase the station theme. Then create content such as station IDs, promos, positioning statements, commercials and announcements using a microphone, audio mixer and recording software. You can actually bypass a physical mixer and be completely software-based if you choose. Store the station library on the production computer and network the production computer with the streaming computer.
  3. 3
    Schedule programming elements with a playlist. The easiest and cheapest way to create and manage playlists is with iTunes, which lets you create, name and organize playlists. You can move songs around by dragging and dropping. If you want software that gives you more control, resembling traditional terrestrial radio, MegaSeg is DJ software for Mac and PCDJ is for PC. Both of these programs have multiple features that are appreciated by professional club DJs and even radio stations. With playlist software you will be able to line up a sequence of audio tracks and play them one after another. 
If you are only using one computer you can create your own playlist by making an m3u file that contains a list of audio files.
  4. 4
    Stream your playlist to a router that connects to the Internet. Your streaming computer requires at least a Pentium IV, 512 MB of RAM memory and several GB of hard-drive space. Any modern computer with sufficient memory and storage will work as a streaming server. Mac OS X or later or Windows XP or later are ideal operating systems for streaming. Connect the streaming computer, also called "the server," to the Internet with at least DSL or better technology. Some people with bigger budgets prefer ISDN or a T-1 line.
  5. 5
    Manage and promote your station. Create a newsletter that keeps fans up to date on station activities. Build a fan base on social networks and offer creative giveaways on discussion boards and classified sites. Deliver the newsletter with your own high-volume email server or pay an online email service to do it for you. It's important to let as many people as possible know about your station if you want it to be successful. Try to attract advertisers or develop alternative revenue streams with direct marketing and revenue share programs.

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